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SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS – Fund for bilateral relations

At the end of the implementation period, but no later than 15 calendar days from the closing of the partnership action, the beneficiaries of the financing must submit the following to the Programme Operator:

  • Payment request - Annex 5
  • Final Report - Annex 6
  • Supporting documents – according to the list below for each type of cost incurred
  • Materials drafted during the partnership action (e.g. published materials, articles, images, studies etc. – if applicable).

Travel Costs

Supporting documents

a. Transport by airplane/ train/ bus/ inland navigation

Travel tickets + Boarding passes

  • Health insurance
  • Invoice

Bank statement

b. Public transport

Receipt/ Ticket

c. Personal vehicle

  • Receipts for motorway tolls, bridges, parking tickets
  • Receipt for fuel

d. Company vehicle

  • Travel logbook and the daily activity sheet  
  • (FAZ - Foaie de activitate zilnică in Romanian)
  • Fixed value vouchers for fuel / Receipt for fuel

e. Per diem

Document conecting the persons travelling with the organization who applied for the grant (labour/collaboration/volunteer contract/etc)

Travel form / Declaration of the each person who travelled regarding the per diem received (period of the trip+value)

f. Accommodation

Invoice mentioning the name of the persons accomodated / Invoice + Table with the persons accommodated

  • Bank statement

g. Participation fees

  • Invoice/ Receipt
  • Bank statement / Receipt