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Another Face of the Roma Culture

Project promoter:  Dynamic Art Association

Project partner: BarentsJazz (Norway)

Project value: 221,814.96 EUR

Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 876.336 lei (195,227.23 EUR)


Project summary

Another Face of the Roma Culture invited to tolerance and dialogue bearing in mind the idea of cultural diversity. The project proposed all jazz lovers, jazz manouche and etno-jazz, concerts performed by talented and well-known Roma jazz artists from Romania, as well as from Norway, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, France and the Republic of Serbia.

Facts & figures

  • 66 artists and 103 professionals involved in the festival Another Face of the Roma Culture, withintheBarentsjazz event;
  • 1 mixed jazz band created for the project – RoManouche. It included 3 Roma ethnics from Romania and Bulgaria, 1 Romanian and 2 Norwegians;
  • 4 concerts of RoManouche performed in Romania (Brașov, Constanța, Călimănești and Bucharest);
  • 4 concerts of RoManouche performed in Norway (Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø);
  • 3 workshops about Romanian traditional dance, jazz, etno-jazz and manouche.



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