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Foreign Bodies

Project promoter: 4 Culture Association
Project partners:

  • Reykjavík Dance Festival
  • Wee-Scavetta/ Kipperberg Foundation

Project value: 199,424 EUR
Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 793,403 lei (179,482.64 EUR)

Project summary

Foreign Bodies project was developed around the concepts of “foreign body” and “periphery” and involved a strong partnership contributing with international expertise to enhance artistic mobility in a context in which migration is seen as an important phenomenon of the society. Geographically situated at the European boarder, the partner countries are developing a cooperation project, with activities addressing both dance specialists (artists and cultural facilitators) and the large audience. The concept of “periphery” is seen from the project’s perspective, geographically and economically influencing the development of certain groups within the society, and also their access to education and culture. The project took place in Bucharest/RO, Oslo/NO and Reykjavik/IS and included workshops, coaching projects, conferences, residencies, productions and presentations of dance and film.

Facts & figures

  • 12 participants to 8 artistic residences and 8 final presentations/ work in progress;
  • 20 participants to workshops and 19 solo presentations;
  • 2 dance productions Blanks and Production and 6 performances organized throughout the project;
  • 59 participants to coaching projects in Bucharest, around the subject of dance movie, dance and community of dance;
  • 1 documentary movie about foreign bodies produced in collaboration with Norway partners and distributed at European level.


The documentary speaking about foreign bodies as “(dis)located bodies”, alienation, periphery, discrimination and human rights is available here.


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