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Living Houses. Cultural diversity of living spaces in Bucharest and surroundings

Project promoter: VIRA Association

Project partners:

  • Museum of the Romanian Peasant •
  • The Movement for European Action and Initiative

Project value: 169,402 EUR

Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 683,746 lei (152,461.91 EUR)


Project summary

Living Houses. Cultural diversity of living spaces in Bucharest and surroundings” highlights the organization’s main instruments and objectives for a number of areas of interest: social research, documentary film and cultural education. The project contributed to raising awareness regarding the variety of forms and housing experiences in Bucharest and neighbouring surroundings as expressions of cultural diversity.

Bucharest Housing Stories is a documentary series about the diversity of housing experience in Bucharest and the neighbouring surroundings. The project was composed of seven episodes focused on different dwelling spaces and housing forms – blocks from the Communist period, new residential areas, ghetto neighbourhoods, dormitories, public spaces (homeless living), former nationalized houses and homes from suburban areas – and follows the diverse experiences of 21 characters. The project documented the cultural diversity of housing and living practices in the Romanian present day urban area. Each episode released on focuses on the diversity of vicinity experiences, on routine and on the relationships developed with the dwelling space by people with different profiles.

Facts & figures

1. Bucharest Housing Stories

    • 1 web documentary about housing experience in contemporary Bucharest; 
    • 2 photography exhibitions;
    • over 800 people participating to the Housing Stories Nights and more than 2000 people visiting the 2 photo exhibitions;
    • 1 screening of the documentary at Astra Film Festival (Sibiu).

2. From street living to gated communities. Eight ways of housing in contemporary Bucharest

3. Lived-In Homes Stories

  • 5 workshops involving high school students, Non-formal educational methods were conducted by professionals in cultural education.
  • 1 textbook designed and created to be used in educational projects related to housing topics;
  • 150 high school students participating to Lived-In Homes Stories workshops.


Bucharest housing stories web documentary is available here:


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