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Carol Factory Halls – a good practice model

Date: 25 Oct. 2018

The project implemented by the Zeppelin Association – Carol Factory Halls – has been promoted by Arts Council Norway, the Programme partners, as a good practice model in terms of both the thematic it approaches and the bilateral partnership with Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF in Bergen, Norway. Financed through the PA17/RO13 Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage, the project was a pioneering initiative in Bucharest, a project discussing the issue of industrial spaces as a valuable component for the city and bringing to public scrutiny a new type of collaboration between the entrepreneurial sector and the cultural one, a cooperation that is both sustainable and effective.

By reusing an old industrial space, architects Cosmina and Constantin have created a new meeting place for cultural activities in Bucharest. By day, Carol Factory Halls is a showroom for art work. At night, the factory changes into a centre for music, film and nightlife. The project partner is the former factory USF Verftet in Bergen, a well-known organization for creative enterprise and production of art, film and music.