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Artist Residence 58

Project promoter: The Romanian Association for Contemporary Art

Project value: 16,669.69 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 66,075 lei (15,000 EUR)


Project summary

The main aim of the project was to promote diversity in regards to culture and the arts as well as to strengthen the intercultural dialogue through the development of creative residences. This was also achieved by building a standardized platform of resources and information on contemporary art together with the northern states and the Baltics, so as to encourage the sharing of artistic experiences. The project highlighted that artistic residences are an important instrument for promoting Romania as a cultural destination, as well as for promoting the cultural skills, creativity, visibility and cultural expression techniques of the young artists

Facts & figures

  • 2 artistic residences for two months developed with artists: Kazimieras Slyzis from Lithuania and Helena Walberg from Sweden;
  • 2 exhibitions illustrating to the public the products of the residents;
  • 2 interactive workshops/cultural exchanges that involved the artists in residence and Romanian artists, curators and art critics;
  • documentation on two exhibitions through artist-curator dialogues and dissemination of said documentation on the available websites and social media pages, such as Facebook.


Find out more about the encounter with the Romanian culture and the materializing of this experience into art here:

Infrastructure (artist Helena Wallberg):

Academic drawing (artist Kazimieras Sližys):


Project in the media