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A Canine Charter in the public reading rooms from Moldova

Project promoter: Asociația Culturală Replika
Project partners:

  • Red Panda Association
  • The National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania

Project value: 16,665.6 EUR
Grant value (85% Grant SEE și 15% bugetul național): 66,070.8 lei (14,999.05 EUR)

Project summary

The project was a cultural - educational intervention, used as an innovative tool for cultural education of youth. The project consisted in the itineration of theatre performance - Confessions of a dog - offering a wide opening to new horizons, using artistic means.

The main objectives enhanced youth free access to cultural products, supporting local educators and promoting the concept of active art. The specific objectives referred to the harmonious development of youngsters by means of art and culture, anti-social phenomena pvention among young people by raising awareness of the danger of violence on the personal development, promotion of public libraries as ideal spaces for information and communication for better understanding of cultural diversity and enhancing intercultural dialogue, dissemination of educational theater method among teachers, artists and cultural experts.

Facts & figures:

740 children, parents and educators from 10 cities in Romania benefited from the project activities.

The project consisted in the itineration of a theatre performance - Confessions of a dog - widening new horizons through the use of artistic means.

The impact of the project envisages the harmonious and responsible personal development of children and youth through:

  • increasing education and culture,
  • cultivating tolerance,
  • sharing positive values,
  • promoting social responsibility,
  • encouraging volunteer work,
  • encouraging community involvement in sustainable development.

The brochure of the project is available here.



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