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"The last will" - Freedom of sexual minorities in Romania

Project promoter: TEATRUL.RO Association

Project value: 16,662.88 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 66.700 lei (14,982.97 EUR)


Project summary

The objective of the project was to promote contemporary Romanian theatrical creation and new Romanian drama. „Testament” is about sexual minorities’ struggle in a society dominated by intolerant religious mentality.

The three components to the project were:

  1. Making a complex studio-based kind of theatre show, in which the key element is to emphasize the text by the performance of the actresses, dubbed by the use of video projections; 
  2. Showcasing the performance to the Romanian public;
  3. Showcasing the performance to the Norwegian public during a short tour


  • 1 new theater production with all its components: set, costumes, original score, original video projections (multimedia) and also acting achievements;
  • 5 Romanian artists and professionals in the field of theatre involved;
  • 20 performances in Romania and 2 performances in Oslo, Norway;
  • 1,160 people in the audience.


The trailer of the show is available here:



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