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Socăciţele - The traditional community caterers

Project promoter: Progress Foundation

Project value: 14,869.47 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 58,852 lei (13,360.27 EUR)


Project summary

The project aimed to underline that home cooking is an authentic treasure of health and culture for the traditional communities (especially for ritual events: weddings, funerals, etc.).
The objective of the project was to record – in writing or digitally – the recipes of the skilled community caterers, who are recognized by the whole community. The project was based on:

  • The presentation of the protagonists ( the community caterers), which, without having an official training, are experts;
  • The underlining of the practical part of the activity and the way they do it;
  • The creation of a competition, with practical demonstration and the giving out of an award for the most valued competitor;
  • The combining of gastronomical practices with elements from the musical and dance inheritance.

Facts & figures

  • 1 eBook with 31 recipes of the traditional cookers from Rebrișoara, Feldru and Rodna villages available here.
  • 1 documentary movie, 1 documentary album, 7 digital stories and 11 podcasts on cultural diversity created by youngsters from the ethnic minorities in the county;
  • 30 digital stories themed on equal chances and created by the members of local minorities;
  • 1 Cultural Diversity Guide of Bistrița Năsăud county available here.
  • 1 convivial fest organized: The traditional cooker of the Superior Somes Valley.


Watch a unique documentary and learn more about values and rich traditions here:


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