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Promoting the Romanian cultural identity through art workshops, folklore and traditions for the Icelandic community in Akureyri

Project promoter: Brătianu Cultural Centre

Project partner: Akureyri Public School

Project value: 15,000 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 66,075.00 lei (15,000 EUR)


Project summary

The project aimed at determining a better understanding of the cultural diversity, consolidating the intercultural dialogue by promoting the Romanian traditions and crafts among the community of Akureyri, Iceland.

The project targeted the authorities of the local public administration in Akureyri and, particularly, the students of Oddeyrarskoli Public School.

The activities of the project included organizing different traditional workshops, photo exhibitions, as well as a presentation of a documentary on traditional craftsmen and their art.

Facts & figures

  • 3 day workshops to promote Romanian tradition among a community which does not have sufficient information about the history and culture of our country;
  • 3 artisans (Ion Rodoş, Ionuţ Rodoş and Ştefănica Crişan) to share their talents in the art of handicraft;
  • 1 exhibition to display items created by the artisans and images of Arges and Muscel area;
  • 1 documentary film to present the artisans and their art;
  • over 500 students, teachers and other community members from the town of Akureyri, Iceland to come in contact with Romanian cultural heritage.  



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