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Stories incubator

Project promoter: S.T.E.P. in Tourism Association

Project value: 13,696.71 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 53,697.70 lei (12,190.17 EUR)


Project summary

Stories incubator aimed at helping high school teenagers become familiar with the act of reading and more than that, to encourage those who have potential to manifest themselves through writing.

The project enhanced the promotion of reading among the young, as one of the most beneficial and complex action that can happen to human mind. High school students were encouraged to earn and treasure the habit of reading, and most importantly, to help those with artistic potential to write.

Activities were implemented with the help of the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies with the purpose of bringing closer the world of the reader and that of the writer. Students participated to an introductory seminar entitled “Introduction to modern and contemporary Norwegian literature”, an artistic workshop and a student literary competition resulting in the publication in Norwegian of a magazine – “Literary magazine for the very young” comprising the best of the student creations. 

Facts & figures

  • 2 public lecture sessions coordinated by 2 contemporary Romanian writers;
  • 1 workshop - Introduction in the Modern and Contemporary Norwegian Literature;
  • 1 workshop centred on literary creation (prose and poetry);
  • 1 literary creation contest - Stories Incubator with 15 awarded works;
  • 250 participants throughout  the project events;
  • 1 magazine - Very Young Literature Magazine, translated also to Norwegian. The magazine includes the best literary creations of the youngsters involved in the project. The magazine is available here.



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