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Stories from the schoolyard

Project promoter: Graphis 122 Association

Project partner: Policy Center for Roma and Minorities

Project value: 16,703.63 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 66,075.00 lei (15,000 EUR)


Project summary

Stories from the schoolyard is a project that used theatre to encourage education, personal development and the use of creativity for children living in Ferentari, a ghetto-type neighborhood of Bucharest. In addition, the project aimed at raising public awareness about the marginalization and discrimination issues that these children and their community face. Stories from the Schoolyard represented an opportunity to bring theatre to the service of education, of personal development, as well as to the creation of an artistic project that is capable to raise awareness and address marginalization and discrimination issues in an accessible, fresh and authentic way. In addition, the project involved the creation of a video trailer to promote the play, as well as two video spots to promote the anti-discrimination component of the project.

Facts & figures

  • 1 theatre play that is based on the personal stories of its actors: 15 young people and children who live in Ferentari, a ghetto-type neighborhood in Bucharest;
  • over 500 spectators, within minimum 6 public representations of the theatre play;
  • developing one tightly knit theatre group made of young people and children capable of working together and of building and presenting an artistic product;
  • 2 short viral anti-discrimination videos raising public awareness with regard to discrimination and marginalization;
  • minimum 20,000 people visualizing the videos on social media networks.


Watch the antidiscrimination videos here and here.


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