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How long does it take to evaluate the application forms within the call for bilateral relations, round 1?

The evaluation of the application forms will be done continuously, according to their order of registration, within 10 days from the eligibility admittance of the form. Should there be clarification requests, the deadline will be extended.  


Is the partnership expression of interest accepted in copy?

When applying for the Fund for bilateral relations, the partnership expression of interest (annex 3) is accepted in copy as well.


If I failed to send the form for the participation to the matchmaking seminar organised in Romania, will I be able to apply for the Fund for bilateral relations?

The participation to the seminar is not a condition for applying within the Fund for bilateral relations. The seminar, organised by the Ministry of Culture from Romania, through the Project Management Unit, as Programme Operator, represents one of the opportunities available for identifying potential partners.

On the other hand, Measure A - Partnership development/building, within the Fund for bilateral relations, offers financial support (maximum 1.500 euro/entity) to cultural operators from both Romania and Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) for partnership development. This type of financing supports the travel expenses inhered by those interested in finding a partner for the development of partnership projects.

Cultural operators from the Donor States should know about their possibility to apply directly for the financial support within the Fund for bilateral relations. However, this is valid only for the partnership development; in the case of project development, only Romanian cultural operators are eligible for applying for financing, as project promoters, in partnership with cultural operators from the Donor States.


Is it compulsory to find a partner in order to develop a partnership project?

Partnership projects will be an advantage. Selection criteria will contain extra points for projects involving partnerships between Romanian and Donor States cultural operators.
However, it is not compulsory to develop a partnership in order to apply for financing of a cultural project within the Programme.