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Bucharest new minorities

Project promoter: The Movement for European Action and Initiative Association

Project partner: Telemark Research Institute

Project value: 192,088 EUR

Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 760,519.04 lei (172,649.04 EUR)


Project summary

Bucharest, a city with too little data to be considered cosmopolitan, houses different communities of foreigners, from British and Italian to Chinese, Lebanese, Turkish and Indian. The groups of immigrants build and negotiate in different ways their social spaces in the urban weave of Bucharest and their presence has been documented, but not from a socio-cultural perspective.

In this context, the purpose of the project was to support the intercultural dialogue between inhabitants of Bucharest and groups of ethnical minorities established in the city within the last two decades. 

On the long-term, the project aims to help public and local authorities, cultural institutions and wide audience from Bucharest to create a climate that favours tolerance, acceptance and facilitates the integration of the new minorities in the Romanian society.

Facts & figures

  • 48 sessions of creative workshops organized with the aim of stimulating intercultural dialogue between migrant high school students and majority population students;
  • 173 young participants involved in the creative workshop sessions ;
  • 1 research of the new minorities elaborated through cartography of the recent immigrant communities settled in Bucharest and a visual documentation of their relation with the city they choose to live in. The results of the research are available here:;
  • 1 documentary movie of the new minorities that tells the story of their integration and of the impact they have on the Romanian society; the film was distributed to 150 educational and cultural organisations;
  • 1 forum that promotes cultural diversity organised with 127 participants;
  • 1 bilingual web platform dedicated to the project with at least 25.328 users.


Stories of the migrants who chose to settle in the capital of Romania are available here:


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