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Roma People in Bărăgan – The Inventory of a Way of Living

Project promoter: Labor Center

Project partner: Ialomița District Museum

Project value: 88,535 EUR

Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 353,829 lei (79,682.18 EUR)


Project summary

The photographed Roma and those interviewed in the story collection gathered within the project determined others to have the courage to claim their identity in a vocal way, while the development of a culture of dialogue between minority and majority population will in the end encourage long term social cohesion

Facts & figures

  • 1 field research on the inventory of Roma oral stories;
  • 10 Roma communities from Ialomița and Brăila counties studied;
  • 1 photo contest "Roma in Bărăgan - a Lifestyle Inventory that aimed to capture the Roma traditions, life style, relations with the majority population, crafts;
  • 7 photo contest prizes offered;
  • 1 "Roma in Bărăgan - a Lifestyle Inventory  photo exhibition displayed;
  • 1 volume "Roma in Bărăgan - a Lifestyle Inventorypublished as an instrument to improve the understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity;
  • 1 photo catalogue designed.



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