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Carol Factory Halls

Project promoter: Zepelin Association

Project partner: Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF

Project value: 222,848 EUR

Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 883,500 lei (199,864.27 EUR)


Project summary

Carol Factory was a pioneering initiative in Bucharest, a project discussing the issue of industrial spaces as a valuable component for the city and bringing to public scrutiny a new type of collaboration between the entrepreneurial sector and the cultural one, a cooperation that is both sustainable and effective. The strategic partner of the project was USF from Bergen (Norway), an art centre developing spontaneously and organically, turning a sardine factory into a cultural hub.

The project aimed to highlight the common feature of both Romania and Norway that is working with wood, a material with a long-lasting crafting tradition in both countries. In the process of creation the promoter also explored the opportunities provided by digital platforms.

Facts & figures

Post-Industry design @ Carol Factory

  • 1 exhibition to increase the quality of the outward of Carol Factory spaces;
  • 5 urban design items produced: the Ramp, Prisms, Tusenben, the Springboard, the Gate;
  • 6 designers involved in the making of design items, including artists from Norway;
  • 700 participants to the varnishing of the exhibition, including architects, designers, artists, urban anthropologists, cultural journalists etc.;
  • over 5,500 visitors.

Carol Story Factory

  • 2 day workshop dedicated to children and their teaching about recycling (buildings, waste, appliances etc.), sustainability and responsibility towards the environment, cultural value of the living space, storytelling, urban and architectural education;
  • 55 children learning to explore physical spaces through stories and legends.

VJ-Jazz Experience @ Carol Factory

  • 1 event organized, encompassing progressive jazz music performances and multi-layered holographic projections to explore space and its potential;
  • over 10 artists (Norway included) performing in an unusual yet original place;
  • over 1,000 people gathered to benefit from a unique cultural experience.


Watch the aftermovie of a unique educational initiative that turned architecture into playful learning here:


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