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Art Education Program for Roma Children

Project promoter: Colors Association

Project partner: Community Aid Network

Project value: 56,593 EUR

Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 225,000 lei (50,933.79 EUR)


Project summary

The project aimed at the promotion of education through art and culture to a larger public, including Roma minority, organization of camps and workshops, multiplication of activities and events with and about Roma.

Thus, Roma children took part for the first time in their life to an integrated education through art and culture programme, away from their parents. We managed to integrate children and promote social responsibility. We tried and succeeded in unveiling young talents and promote them to the public of Brașov by means of an art exhibition and short film. We managed to get the children out of their environment (most of them rarely travel outside their home) and their comfort zone, a challenge that contributed significantly to their personal development in terms of artistic and social abilities.


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