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Amalgam International theatre festival

Project promoter: Amfiteatru Foundation

Project value: 141,842 EUR

Grant value (85% Grant SEE and 15% national budget): 562,990 lei (127,445.39 EUR)


Project summary

Amalgam International theatre festival celebrated multiculturalism through a variety of activities, ranging from a scientific research, a complex communication campaign, a 5-day festival, workshops and seminars dedicated to professionals.

The results envisaged the creation and development of a new cultural product – a theatre festival dedicated to ethnic minorities, a campaign to raise awareness on the cultural identity of the minorities in Romania, the consolidation of the intercultural dialogue between theatre and cultural professionals, as well as the creation of a dedicated website to offer education material on the culture of minorities.

Facts & figures

Stand-up comedy shows

  • 20 stand-up comedy shows promoting both the festival and multiculturalism;
  • 20 stand-up comedians involved;
  • over 2,000 youngsters hearing about the festival while also being exposed to breaking stereotypes about local ethnic minority myths.

Caleido International Theatre Festival

  • 20 plays promoting intercultural dialogue while also giving free access to one of the major local theatre festivals;
  • over 150 actors and director performing within the festival;
  • 7 ethnic minorities presented, with emphasis upon their contribution to the developing of the local identity; 
  • over 2,500 people seeing the plays, having access to cultural identity knowledge and information.

Caleido talks

  • 8 Caleido talks organized with the purpose of promoting multiculturalism and strengthening cultural dialogue in a non-form environment;
  • over 160 participants having the opportunity to learn more about building up a cultural product;
  • 16 professionals (including Norwegian) sharing their experience and expertise in their specific field of culture.





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