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Research on Timișoara’s theatre history

Project promoter: “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian Theatre of Timișoara

Project value: 12,874.49 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 57.791 lei (12,874.49 EUR)


Project summary

The project aimed to bring to light archived documents, as well as other fundamental records in order to reconstruct the history of theatre in Timisoara – the repertoire, the evolution, the impact on the public and the critics of theatre etc. – a history that brings out the multiculturalism that had been present in Banat ever since the foundation of the theatre, in 1875, until the present day. Throughout this period, the theatre in Timișoara brought to light shows of great artistic value, regardless of its administration or the political context. A distinct side to this research involved documenting the building in which the theatre functioned, as this too is an emblematic architectonic masterpiece of Timișoara. The project’s objectives envisaged the electronic archiving of documents, including the playbills and making an inventory of all the shows and actors who performed, over the years, on stage in Timișoara.




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