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Untold stories

Project promoter: Romano ButiQ Association

Project value: 15,127.48 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 60,075 lei (13,614.73 EUR)


Project summary

The main objective of the project was to document and promote the Roma culture and identity as well as the information about the cultural and social history of Roma people in Romania. This project gathered and documented seven fairy tales that were published online in a special collection available in Romanian, Romani and English. In addition, a theatre event was produced about Roma slavery. As part of the documenting process necessary for the setting up of the theatre event, several events were organized and three articles were published focusing on the following three main topics: “What Does it Mean to Live in Slavery in Romania?”, “Roma Slavery – Links with the Present” and “Similarities between Roma Slavery in Romania and African-American Slavery in the US”.

Facts & figures

  • 1 fairy tale collection of 7 Roma stories presented in Romanian, Romani and English, available online here;
  • 2 events organised: reading performance - The Great Shame and The Evening of Roma Fairy Tales;
  • 3 articles of documentation and 1 project brochure available online; the brochure can be viewed here;
  • 3 artistic happenings: In a Coffee Shop at Piața Romană, Contemporary Art and Activism Regarding Roma Slavery, Piața Roma-nă;
  • 5 artists involved in the project.


A short part of the Evening of Roma Fairy Tales is available here:


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