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Saint Patrick and Friends Tour

Project promoter: IrishWay Dance Association 

Project value: 16,607.14 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 65,947.14 lei (14,945.53 EUR)


Project summary

Dance is an art that is representative for the national cultural identity. In traditional dance shows to this date, various national dances have been presented only as isolated techniques, showcasing differences between cultures and peoples rather than similarities. „Saint Patrick and Friends” was an Irish-fusion show - stemming from Celtic tradition and going beyond it, thus creating a unique experiment of a dialogue between traditional Irish techniques and various other musical-choreographic languages, all in a modern approach. The show toured six cities of Romania (hoping to tour Europe as well in the future), aiming to bring together and enhance dialogue between its target groups: creators, artists, cultural experts as well as cultural and ethnical groups of the target areas.


  • 7 performances throughout Romania and 1 in Bucharest;
  • 35 artists and profeesionals involved in the project;
  • 1,200 people participating to the shows.


Watch the teaser of a unique show here:


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