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Roma Community in visual arts

Project promoter: Harghita County Cultural Center

Project value: 12,495 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 55,040.49 lei (12,495 EUR)


Project summary

The project targeted the social need for enhancing intercultural dialogue and European identity protection by understanding cultural diversity. The project contributed to raising awareness about these issues by the use of documentary films and photos. The project encompasseed two documentary films and two photo camps in Harghita county. It also included activities that aimed at improving the situation of the Roma population in Harghita county. The two documentary films and the two photo camps outlined the lifestyle, habits, traditions, crafts and the coexistence with the locals of the Roma population in two villages. In fact, the objective of the project touched on the cultural intangible heritage of ethnical and cultural minorities made accessible to the public.


  • 2 films created (Angela and Crișeni: Friday-Sunday) and enrolled to 6 film festivals;
  • 2 round tables, 3 film projections, 3 photo exhibitions about Roma;
  • 2 photo camps with the participation of 6 photo artists and 1 art director.


Watch the trailer of the “Crișeni: Friday – Sunday” documentary redefining social norms here:

Watch the trailer of “Angela” documentary here:


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