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Roma of Romania: identity and alterity

Project promoter: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science

Project value: 14,590.69 EUR

Grant value (85% EEA Grant and 15% national budget): 64,272 lei (14,590.69 EUR)


Project summary

The high school students in Romania show restraint against the Roma communities and Roma people. The reason for this is the fact that they have little personal experience with this group of population, their opinions and mentality being the result of the images and stereotypes promoted in the family, as well as at society level.

In order to counteract the prejudices of the high school students towards the Roma population, this project, initiated by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science, aimed to develop a Manual to be introduced in the school curriculum at high school level. The Manual focuses on the history of identity and alterity of the Roma population in Romania, in order to expose, and thereby counteract, the stereotypes regarding this minority group. The Manual was developed by a group of four experts, specialized in history and political science, who addressed the following issues: 1. The history of the Roma and the image of the Roma population in Romania in the 18th-19th centuries and in the early 20th century; 2. The history of the Roma in the interwar period, during WW2 and during the communist period; 3. The Roma during the post-communist period and the "Europeanization" of the stereotypical imagery on the Roma population; 4. Representation - and self-representation – of the Roma in the Romanian art and culture in the 19th-20th centuries.

The Manual is available here.

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